Radio Monitoring Systems

Today radio communication techniques covers frequency range from few kilohertz up to tens of gigahertz. Constant monitoring of all frequency bands is necessary to keep frequency channels usage under control.

There is a big variety of available radio spectrum monitoring solutions: from freeware applications up to ultra fast very expensive signal capture and analysis systems. We create different systems focusing on user needs: simple systems for fixed bandwidth monitoring or complex multi-site multi-bandwidth systems for area/region control.

Systems developed at Aidiga Ltd. can control most of frequency bands used in radio communications. Our acquisition systems have advantage combining Aidiga software to various RF hardware.

What our systems do?

The main purpose of our systems is to collect and analyse spectrum data as fast as possible.

A typical Aidiga Ltd. system performs the following:

  • Collects spectrum data at different rates as long as it needs. The limiting factor is a PC drive capacity only.
  • Finds strong and weak signals.
  • Registers signal activity events.
  • Finds occupations of spectrum ranges and channels.
  • Analyses collected data with post-time analysis applications, using customer-specific algorithms.

This is only the main functionality. High flexibility of our systems structure allows to integrate customer-specific modules to expand their functionality.

RF equipment

Structure of complete radiomonitoring system strongly depends on the requirements, specified by our customers. It's obvious that different frequency band and different signal monitoring require different RF equipment and software solutions.

RF equipment selection strongly depends on frequency range of interest, channels count, scan speed, sensitivity, dynamic range, price and other factors. We carefully analyse requirements and suggest the best solution, which includes integration of devices and modules from various manufacturers and our custom developments.

We can integrate equipment that the customer already has, thus giving "a second life" for it.


Software is probably the most important part of the developed system. It controls system modules, devices, acquires the data, performs real/post-time analysis and provides the results.

A typical structure of our software is modular. Implementations consist of many more-less independent modules/applications designed for various tasks. We can add, remove or customize them according to customer requirements. Modular structure allows an easy addition of libraries, required to communicate with other systems: databases, geographic information systems, event management systems, etc.

Our software is not exclusively related to our hardware. We adapt our applications to customer's equipment. For example radiomonitoring system might be made by integrating professional receivers and our software. One receiver for HF range, another for VHF and so on. All equipment might be purchased by customer from various vendors. We can provide software only, adding additional libraries for devices control.

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