Software for Radio Monitoring

We developed a group of applications, designed for radiomonitoring tasks and named "MDS". All MDS applications are modular and easy customisable. This approach enables us to satisfy even very specific requirements.

We provide our applications as integral part of fully finished system or, if customer prefers to build the system by himself, as seperate products compatible with the user's equipment.

Our software for radio monitoring consists of two main groups of applications:

  • Applications for data collection and real-time analysis.
  • Applications for post-time analysis of the collected data.
Applications for data collection

Our applications control RF equipment, collect, analyse and store the data. Radio monitoring is long lasting process. It can last even months non-stopping, thus creating huge amounts of the data (gigabytes). The limiting factors are PC processing power and drive capacity only. From the first sight so huge amount of the data looks heavily managable, but we found the way to do it easy!

We developed our methods, allowing to handle huge amounts of the data in a user friendly way. All the data is stored in files which are in user specified directories. User can set file names (partly) and define maximum sizes. Analysis applications take care about the rest. All what is required from the user - is to put the files in one directory and select them as active.

This allows to copy, archive or move the data files between computers using simple file transfer procedures.

Applications for the data acquisition:

Applications for post-time analysis

Our applications for post-time analysis, process huge amount of the spectrum data. User can easily locate, copy to a new data file or process required part of the data. Processing speed strongly depends on the drive's speed, as analysis applications do not store initial data in RAM.

Applications for the data analysis:

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