System Design

Aidiga Ltd. designs electronic measurement systems and other digital scientific hi-tech equipment.

We focus mainly on:

  • Multichannel data acquisition and control systems
  • Multi-bandwidth radiomonitoring systems
  • Scientific measurement systems and instruments

System Design covers:

  • Device design
  • Firmware development
  • Device manufacture
  • Software development
  • System maintenance
Device Design

We perform analog and digital design from an initial idea up to a finished device or prototype even for volume production.

We focus on:

  • FPGA based high speed digital devices for data acquisition and processing
  • FPGA based short reaction time devices for high precision machinery control
  • Digital devices for measurements, analysis and control
  • Analog and digital DC-LF-HF-VHF-UHF devices

We take care about: circuit design, housing selection, assembly methodic, testing and everything else required to have well operating device or production ready prototype.

For device control, high rate data collection and processing we use modules with programmable logic microchips mainly. Our developments are based on Xilinx FPGAs. Experience in high frequency electronics, combined with FPGA technology, allows us to create ultra-fast devices with short reaction time and high data flow rates.

Simple systems might be created using widely available equipment, but specific systems usually require an individual approach and custom development. Depending on the requirements we integrate customers equipment by modifying it, adding additional electronic parts or developing customized devices and modules.

The scope of work includes analog electronic devices as well. We develop customer-specific RF devices, designed to work in frequency range from DC up to 3 GHz and even higher frequencies.

Software Development

Today almost all measurement and control systems require software development. It can be difficult to achieve satisfying results using general purpose equipment. Customized measurement or control systems require highly specific solutions.

Company Aidiga Ltd. develops MS Windows OS applications for various tasks: from simple stand-alone applications and libraries up to high complexity applications for measurement and control systems.

We focus in time-critical, multithreaded (parallel processing) applications for measurement and control systems.

We provide full software development service. Our clients get fully functional customized software solutions with support for one or more years.

We specialize in: Delphi, C/C++, Java, .NET, MySQL

Typical structure of our software products is modular. Applications consist of many more-less independent modules, designed for various tasks, and it could be added, removed or customized according to customer requirements. Modular structure of our software allows easily to add third party libraries, required to communicate with other systems: databases, geographic information systems, event management systems, etc.

FPGA Firmware Development

Aidiga Ltd. develops firmware and intellectual property products for Xilinx FPGA.

We focus on:

  • High speed interfaces
  • DSP modules
  • Custom algorithms
  • High speed and high precision machinery control
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