MDS Audio Spectrum Analyser

MDS Audio Spectrum Analyser is designed for a real time audio or LF radio spectrum analysis.

Frequency range is limited by audio card capabilities, but mainly maximum frequency is not higher than 90 kHz.

This application can be used for the radio spectrum monitoring and analysis in LF/VLF range too, but with limited functionality (no activity registration, no signal search, no receiver control).

Like our applications for radio monitoring, MDS Audio Spectrum Analyser can be used for long lasting spectrum data registration at four different rates.

Application can store spectrum data as long as necessary. The limiting factor is drive's capacity only.

Spectrum history data can be reviewed by MDS Data Viewer or analysed by MDS Data Analyser.

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Main features
  • Display and storage of actual audio or radio spectrum in the four different time domains.
  • Display and storage actual spectrum occupation of the specified frequency ranges and channels.
  • Channels count - 1 (mono)
  • Vertical resolution - 16 bit (max dynamic range - 96 dB)
  • Digitizer - audio card
  • Audio data recording - NO
  • Max-hold spectrum data - YES
System requirements
  • Supported OS - WinXP SP3, Win 7, Win 8
  • RAM - 2 GB
  • CPU - 2 or more cores
  • HDD - 30 GB
  • Sound card

Version 1.1.16



Trial period - 30 days



  15 EUR  



Licence - shareware, trial period - 30 days.

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