MDS Data Viewer

MDS Data Viewer is designed to review collected spectrum data and perform some analysis.

Application does not require exceptional data processing resources, it can work almost on the any ordinal computer which has 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP or higher OS.

Important thing is only HDD speed, because program does not store data in RAM (it works with huge amount of data), it loads blocks of data directly from HDD, so processing efficiency strongly depends on HDD and it's interface speed.

Application is compatible with spectrum data, collected by MDS Audio Spectrum Analyser.

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Main features
  • Read and display in a single Waterfall diagram of selected data files.
  • Max, Average, Min mathematical functions on selected data area.
  • Copying data from selected time interval to a single data file.
  • Filtering of collected data with Background spectrum.
  • Rainbow Color based signal recurrency visualisation.






  • Included as additional tool to MDS Spectrum Analyser.
  • Available as seprate application.
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