MDS Spectrum Analyser

MDS Spectrum Analyser is designed for the real time RF spectrum data collection and analysis.

It performs real time activity analysis, finds signals and collects spectrum data for post time analysis.

Application can run in one of two scan modes: fixed bandwidth sampling (read more) or IF sampling (read more).

Frequency range depends on the scan mode and is limited by RF equipment capabilities.

Application can collect and store spectrum data as long as necessary. The limiting factor is drive's capacity only.

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Main features
  • Display and storage of real time radio spectrum in four different time domains.
  • Display and storage of real time spectrum occupation and signal activity of the specified frequency ranges, communication channels.
  • Real time signal finding in specified frequency ranges and listening to the found signals by additional "drop frequency" receiver.
  • Long lasting radio spectrum monitoring and data registration for the post-time analysis.






RF equipment

As data source might be used digitzer or digital oscilloscope. Sampled data vertical resolution, supported by software - up to 16 bits. Data transfer rate - depends on the device capabilities.

Application can control receiver or RF down converter via USB, RS232, LAN or other interface.

  • Available as part of fully functional system, created according client's requirements.
  • Available as separate application. Client can build system using own equipment, we provide software only.
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